Project Recruitment

Recruiter Connect’s Recruitment Projects solution gives you on-demand flexible expertise and assistance to manage recruitment spikes, short-term strategic recruiting projects and specialized staffing requirements without the added internal overheads.

Whether you need to build a sales team quickly for a new product launch or staff a newly acquired call centre, our Recruitment Projects solution can deliver high volume, high quality requirements within a pressurized predefined timeline.

Working in-house, on site or from the Recruiter Connect offices our recruiters will collaborate with your existing recruitment team and line managers, acting as a value added extension of your existing recruitment and HR department.

We bring all the benefits of an all-encompassing recruitment outsourcing solution to your project-based hiring: immediate scalability, creative reach strategies, expert screening, process efficiencies, consistency and innovative technology to capture star talent. On completion of the project you will also have complete ownership of a newly populated candidate database to utilize and exploit once we have concluded our engagement.

Benefits Of Project Recruitment

  • Reduces time to fill
  • Lowers cost per hire
  • Reduces recruitment down time for recruiting line managers
  • Controls cost and risk factors eliminating the need for fixed overheads
  • Access to immediate scalable expert resources giving you added control over the project budget and schedule
  • Enhanced populated talent database to fill future vacancies
  • Clear measurement parameters for specific objectives and achievement goals
  • Flexible collaborative platform to create customized solutions to meet specific project requirements
  • Improved employer branding and growth communication to the market
  • Access active, passive and hidden job seekers
  • Improved candidate reach and engagement
  • Enhance quality of hires and candidate retention

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