Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruiter Connect RPO allows companies to attain an industry leading impactful recruitment function almost immediately.

Our sector specific Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) team works seamlessly within your HR, Sales and Operational management structures to streamline recruitment process and efficiencies as well as bringing consistency to the full resourcing life cycle. This service can be fully managed or integrated dependent on selective requirement or increased business demands. You control what elements of the recruitment process you outsource providing you with complete flexibility within a turn on turn off platform.

Our flexible range of RPO services includes the following: Sourcing, Screening, Interview Support, On-boarding Support, CV Talent Push and CV Job Match.

At Recruiter Connect RPO we create the think time and commercial breathing space for recruiting line managers to do what they do best.

Benefits of RPO solutions

  • Reduces time to fill
  • Lowers cost per hire
  • Reduces recruitment down time for recruiting line managers
  • Provides consistency to workforce and hiring process across multiple brands, regions and units
  • Allows cross fertilization of candidates across multiple brands, regions and units
  • Centralization of candidate talent hubs and databases
  • Elite talent process efficiencies allow the capture of top talent coming onto the market
  • Measurable results, KPI driven metrics and outcomes
  • Drives up candidate quality
  • Scalable resource to accommodate your fluctuating or project based needs
  • Optimized technology providing innovation and value for money
  • Uniformity promotes and protects your branding Nationwide
  • Compliance meet industry and governance regulations

Our Tailored Services